ShortWorx, a privately owned company based in Jacksonville, Florida, was created as a family enterprise to purchase single-family homes and renovate them into attractive, structurally sound, comfortable rental living spaces.

We specialize in older homes, in transitioning neighborhoods. Our vision and motivation is to renovate these structures into homes that provide not only shelter, but also secure, restful spots for folks to hang their hats and know that they are "home".

The success of ShortWorx relies on the support and active participation of our family and friends who join with us in this work of reclaiming houses and creating homes. Our aim is to enjoy the process and enjoy each other in the process.

The ShortWorx website supports our renovation projects with both pictorial and textual documentation of events, plan, assignments and progress reports. Capturing this information as we go along provides a historical record allowing our team to learn from both our misguided and savvy choices.

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